What will 2014 be like for you?


Any new year holds great promise of what we will be expecting, perhaps professionally or personally. I am sure a few of us have made (and perhaps broken!) some resolutions for the year ahead.

Mine is to ensure that I live life in the moment and really experience each day to the full. Partly prompted by the joy of spending time with my children, friends and family but also through a YouTube clip I recently have seen.

A few questions that it prompted me to think about were…

  • How much do we rely on technology to survive? Perhaps a power-cut as many experienced in the recent storms brings us back to the basics of what matters most.
  • Do we own technology or does it own us? I would be very lost without my various i-devices. What would you do?
  • How can we live life and experience it to the full every day? This challenges us to get our work / life balance right but also appreciate all we do.

In coming back to school one resolution is for us to use this blog well to celebrate, share and discuss all we are doing with learning and teaching at St. Paul’s. As a starter for 10 I have shared the great blog by MsRowles which is well worth a look for anyone passionate about History or just learning itself.

If you want to find out more about all we do at St. Paul’s feel free to look at our website or follow us.

St. Paul’s – http://www.stpaulscatholiccollege.co.uk

Inspire Teaching School Alliance – http://www.inspiretsa.co.uk

Twitter: @stpaulscatholic / @inspireTSA



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