Instant Feedback – Assessment and the iPad


Reading The Reflective Educator blog ( got me thinking more about feedback.

It mentions: There are three main ways teachers can effectively respond to assessment information from students.
1. They can use it to guide the next steps of their overall unit planning.
2. They can use it to help plan their next lesson.
3. They can use it immediately to respond to student thinking (this is the most challenging).

One way of making use of technology to provide immediate, meaningful feedback on student progress to you as a teacher, is with the iPad app eClicker. The teacher’s version (eClicker Presenter) allows you to create multiple choice quizzes/tests, and when ‘beamed’ to student’s devices (they use the free app eClicker Audience), the teacher gets instant feedback from every student. Really powerful for immediate intervention, prompting further questioning of students, but for me the best bit is at the end – it gives a breakdown of scores either by Question, or by Student. If I see that lots of students were getting a question wrong, I can address that issue straight away. I can also see exactly what each student is struggling with.

Finally, it’s only as good as the questions you ask in the first place, which really gets me thinking about writing questions which will challenge, and draw out misconceptions. The students really like it too. You get instant feedback from students, and you then follow it up with your targeted feedback to them. Do get in touch if you want to see it in action.

By Peter Clarke, Subject Leader Science

twitter @SPCCscience


2 thoughts on “Instant Feedback – Assessment and the iPad

  1. This looks really interesting and could combine with hinge questioning. You probably know this but.. “Hinge” questions are questions which quickly give you an idea of the real level of understanding of fundamental concepts. Relatively quick to understand and get answers for, but very telling. Here is a blog which breaks it down (from a history teacher, bien sur.)

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