Time to spread the Good News

Welcome back to the new term – I hope you have had some time to get some well earned rest so that we are all brimming with vitality for the term ahead. It is of course a busy time when we are doing all we can to guide our students to doing themselves (and us!) proud as we approach the exams.

So what does the Easter message really tell us? I believe it is a very human message and each year we are challenged to live it out in a new way. The suffering and death of Jesus in a very real way tells us that God is with us at the toughest times in our lives, the image of Jesus on the cross is one of genuine suffering and death. If it was just acting it out the whole Easter story is rendered meaningless. We are at times like the disciples whose faith disappears very rapidly as they are challenged to step up to the challenges ahead.

Equally the resurrection is a message of light, hope and life after being in “the darkness of the tomb”. This is the message that the whole of Christianity is founded on. We are called to be a witness to the resurrection. So this is where we are challenged to live out this message in what we do at St. Paul’s. A few thoughts on how we can do this…

  • Look to walk alongside one another when things get tough, professionally or personally.
  • Take the time to think about we can be a source of “light and faith” in what we do each day – it’s down to all of us to be positive and look to inspire others in any small way we can.
  • Jesus challenges us to “love one another as I have loved you”. Pope Francis says it is not in the extraordinary but the ordinary that we can achieve this.


So in advance can I thank you for being part of the “Good News” this term and as part of our community at St. Paul’s. You can never underestimate the impact you can have to make a real difference in all that you do.

Have a great term – full of the light of Christ.


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