Where do we recognise God?


Building on the Easter theme we hear the Gospel account in which Jesus appears to two of his followers who were walking away from Jerusalem. They do not recognise him but talk in a dejected way about the hopes and dreams that they had for Jesus and their disappointment that it was all over. He challenges them to understand this was as it had been predicted, they should not lose faith.

As they continue the journey they get to the place where they were to stay and the stranger looks to walk on. At this the two followers invite him to come and stay with them. It is at the meal, when the bread was broken, that Jesus is revealed to them. At this point they rush back to Jerusalem to tell the apostles that Jesus had appeared to them.

So what can we take from this Gospel?

  • We are challenged to have faith – in times of challenge we can “walk away” from faith like the followers walking off from Jerusalem. Perhaps this is when we need it most!
  • We can look to recognise God amongst us – we can find this in the simplest things like our relationships, sharing a meal together or being part of the community here at St. Paul’s.
  • We all need to be recognised – I talk a lot about the importance of everyone being “known and loved” and them knowing they are loved. In a very basic human way we all need to feel this in some way. We all play our part here.

So this week, with our theme of recognition, we are called to go on a journey of faith, it’s worth it… even if it is one step at a time.


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