Will you live life to the full?


The theme for this week is “life” and is based on a Gospel account where Jesus is described as the Good Shepherd and says, “I have come in order you might have life – life in all its fullness”. This challenges us to think about a number of things…

  • What do we value most in our life? It is a challenge to think about how we grasp every opportunity in front of us without allowing life itself to pass us by due in the pace of the world we live in. I saw a clip online which captures this well. It is called “Look Up”
  • We could miss so much in our lives without “looking up” and engaging in the fullest relationships with those around us.
  • What do we at times take for granted? Perhaps we can take the basics for granted in our lives whether it is our freedom, education, the security of a job or support of a loving family. Michelle Obama spoke powerfully on education last week.
  • She also appeals for the safe return of the girls in Nigeria who we pray for this week.
  • How can trusting in Jesus as the “Good Shepherd” lead us to God? The world we live in tells us to “Live life to the max”, ironically some of the Gospel message challenges us to “live simply”. The world tells us to “look after no.1”, whereas we are challenged to put others before ourselves if we want to find true and lasting happiness.

So in essence we are challenged to live life to the full – let’s get our heads up to experience the joy of the fullest relationships blessed by God’s love. We also can use education as a force for change and justice, not only at St. Paul’s but in the world we live in. Let’s pray especially for the girls who are missing in Nigeria and that they will be returned safely to their families and their school.

I hope you feel you can live life in its fullest this week – it’s worth a try!


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