Community – bound together as one!


I’m aiming to keep the reflection short and sweet this week as we focus on the theme of community, perhaps this is all about what life is about at St. Paul’s. I often talk about the importance for everyone to be “known and loved” and this is at the heart of our sense of identity and belonging.

Three things that brought this to life for me in the last week.

  1. We belong to a much broader community – last week I spent time at a conference for school leaders in Birmingham which helped me step back and reflect on what’s best for us and our future direction. We need to be willing to stop, reflect and learn, whatever role we have at St. Paul’s – we are a community of learning. We are also part of the Catholic (which means Universal) world-wide community and this gives us the sense of belonging.
  2. There’s no place like home – there is something healthy about the journey home when we have been away… I truly drink in the sense of how blessed we are in all we have at St. Paul’s when I have been out of school. We have inspirational people around us and students who are happy, engaged and ready to learn. It is equally important for us all to appreciate our families and having missed them I made sure I set aside some “quality time” at the weekend!
  3. We need others to help us achieve everything – the Gospel this week is all about the mystery of the Trinity or God three in one. God the Father as creator, the Son as Saviour and the Holy Spirit, God’s presence and force in the world. On one basic level we can’t be 3 in 1 (at times it may feel we are challenged to be!) but we need to rely on those around us to have the complementary skills to achieve whatever we are looking to do. Realising you can’t do everything is at times a liberation to all of us.

So a few thoughts relating to this…

  • How can we remember and give thanks for the community we belong to? What will you do this week to ensure that every person at St. Paul’s is known, loved and cherished?
  • Let’s stop for a moment to appreciate all that we cherish in our lives – professionally and personally. Say thank you to those that matter around us as if we stop for a moment we will realise how truly blessed we are!
  • How can you go beyond trying to do everything yourself? When we stop “flying solo” and ask for others to help us we can truly achieve great things together. This is where we can remember the Trinity and ask God to guide and inspire us in all we do.

Have a great week celebrating our sense of community and belonging especially as we get ready for our St. Paul’s day celebrations next week – I am sure as usual this will be full of fun, energy and an inspiration. How will you play your part?



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