Respect – just a little bit…


In the Gospel reading this week we are told by Jesus that “the stone that the builder rejected will become the cornerstone”. At the heart of this we are challenged to hear the message of the Gospel and respond to it in the way we live out our lives. In essence all of our relationships are based on truth, honesty and respect.

I have worked with a small number of people in schools who think that respect is “due to us” solely by our role, title or status professionally. In essence I believe this to be flawed and we can only earn respect from others by giving it freely and it actually having a deep-rooted impact on all our relationships. We will quickly find that young people are pretty shrewd judges of our actions and intentions (most of the time!!).

How can we live this out in the way we act in school life? A few brief reflections and thoughts…

  • We need to take the time to engage with every person as an individual in a personal way – allowing all young people to feel “known and loved” is at the centre of what we are called to day each day.
  • How can we act in a way that earns respect? If we are serious about this we need to model it in our own relationships. Never underestimate how far people will watch what you do rather than listening to the words you say.
  • What value does respect bring to our lives? If we can build relationships and communities full of trust, respect and honesty we will be healthy and fulfilled.

The message of the Gospel asks us to accept the “Good News” by living out the core aspects of Jesus teaching in a meaningful way. If we respect one another we will offer love and forgiveness in all aspects of our lives. So let’s try and live in a respectful way personally, collectively and in our relationship with God this week and beyond.


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