Invitation – come and join the feast!

slide2In the Gospel reading this week we hear about how a man invited the “great and the good” to a fantastic feast… we have all had the feeling when we plan something really special and await the return of invitations or on the night feel the anticipation of people coming to the party. Will anyone actually come?

In the story from the Gospel all those originally invited found excuses of why they couldn’t come along, in essence because they couldn’t be bothered… so the man organising the party threw open his doors and invited those marginalised in society and rejected to come along and enjoy the party, fine food and entertainment.

So what are the messages we can take from this?

  • How can we listen for that special invitation? In essence this our call from God or invitation to engage in a life of faith. I believe that by having a vocation and commitment to doing something decent for others you have already made this first step.
  • How do we reach out to the marginalised in society, our school community or in our lives? At times it is tempting to seek out the group that looks popular, makes us feel good or we are comfortable in. How do we make sure we include those marginalised or lonely in some way? The smallest actions can make the difference.

So let’s as a community be ready to party in the “life of faith”. I am sure we will all look, listen and seek out opportunities to do this in the week ahead.


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