How are you gifted and talented?


In the Gospel reading this week we hear an account of the Parable of the Talents. In this story we are challenged to recognise that all of us are “gifted” and blessed by numerous talents in our lives. Sometimes it may take time to discover them and bring  them to the fore but this is clearly part of the way we learn and make the best of ourselves.

At the start of the year we reflected on the approach to learning demonstrated by “Growth Mindset”, encapsulated by the theme of being a “sponge not a rock”. It is fundamentally attractive to me to think of how we are life-long learners. It allows all of us to make mistakes but also to be energised by being willing to push and challenge ourselves and others. I believe that we are truly fulfilled and happy when we find something to do with our time that captures this in some way each day.

You may be asking what this has all got to do with faith?… In essence as Christians we actually have a visible commitment to use our talents to the full. Anyone could make this same commitment… what makes it distinctive for us, and all at St Paul’s, is that the motivation and commitment for doing this is in service to God, however big or small.

A few questions this week;

  • How can we spend the time thinking about how we are “gifted and talented”?
  • How can we look to share and allow others to benefit from our gifts?
  • How can we look to nurture, support and develop those around us, young (and slightly older!) to discover their talents and use them to the full?
  • How do we dedicate all we do each day in our lives to God?

The theme we have this week lies at the heart of what we are about at St Paul’s, and more broadly in education. Maybe at times we think of students as the learners where in fact we are all on this exciting and energising journey. Let’s stop this week for a moment and give thanks for all we’ve been blessed with because in essence you are a one of a kind, unique and pretty wonderful in God’s eyes!


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