Remember… you stand on Holy ground!


The theme for this week at school is “sacred space”… traditionally this may conjure images of going to Church and sitting in pews or perhaps in our context sitting in the peace of our beautiful, yet modern, Chapel in school. I think that we are in fact challenged to think of this all in a very different way.

The challenge for us this week is to make the space around us holy in all the small things we do, in the classroom, in the corridor and in our homes. We have an ability to shape our attitude and those of others to make the space around us blessed by God and this can inspire our lives and living in some small way each day.

A few questions for us this week;

  • How can we recognise God amongst us in the normal day to day things?
  • How can we make the space around us sacred?
  • How can we find a quiet moment each day to dedicate to God and prayer?

If we can do all of this I truly believe we will be grounding our lives in faith and this gives us a purpose beyond just ticking the box of going to Church as we can look to live out in some small way the Gospel values of faith, hope and love in all we do.

Have a great week and remember each step you take you stand on Holy Ground.


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