What would light your fire?

UnknownThis week we have heard the Gospel account of Jesus in the Temple. In it we hear about how Jesus found the holiest and  most sacred space for Jews in crisis. It showed His passion and commitment to stand up for His principles and challenge injustice.

I think all of us need to discover what makes us passionate in life. It is worth us thinking about a few key questions and thoughts;

  1. What lights our fire and gets us passionate about life?
  2. How can we find out what we stand and we equally discover what we would not stand for?
  3. How can we stand clear on our principles and stand up for justice? Finding our non-negotiables is essential. What would we be willing to die for?

Last week we had the privilege of having Jesus Christ Superstar performed in the school. The clip below depicts this scene.

This moment in the Passion story shows Jesus’ humanity but also sealed his fate that would lead ultimately to his suffering and crucifixion. By directly challenging the authorities so publicly He sealed His own fate and the ultimate sacrifice that was to be made.

The production at St Paul’s was an inspiration and was full of vitality and energy. It was interpreted in a modern way, in honour of the centenary of the Great War. It was fantastic to see the talent and commitment of the students but also how all the staff involved had “lit the fire” for them and led them to achieve great things. It was challenging to watch as it retold the story of Jesus’ suffering and death.

So a life without this vitality and fire inside each one of us can be somewhat empty. Maybe the challenge in education is to help every young person discover this in their lives. If we can do this then we have offered true education and planted the seed that can lead to a life of faith.


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