Go in Peace…


When Jesus appeared to His disciples following the resurrection he started the conversation by saying “peace be with you” and I believe this was for two key reasons;

  • The disciples were often to be found lacking in faith, locked away and hiding from the world around them. This is a very normal and human thing after all! Christianity itself would be dead in the water if they hadn’t unlocked the door and been challenged to go and spread the Good News, to take the first tentative steps of faith. They had to believe and be able to live their faith out and ultimately overcome their fears.
  • Jesus was also challenging them to live a life of peace. When we meet people of faith we sometimes can feel and spot an inner peace that is magnetic and draws us to them. If you asked me to summarise all of Jesus’ teaching I would use the two words love and forgiveness, if we can ground ourselves with these guiding principles we will be on the right path.

A few questions we could pose ourselves this week;

  • How can we be peaceful in all we do?
  • Can we bring this to our relationships, personally and professionally?
  • What can we do to be people of faith, love, forgiveness and peace?

If you have 5 minutes have a look today at Peace One Day… a very practical way for us to bring to peace to a world of conflict.

We are challenged at the end of Mass to “go in peace to love and serve the  Lord” – I know that I often need a reminder of this each week to keep me on the straight and narrow!

So… have a great week and peace be with you.


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