Finding a source for inspiration in our work…

grapesI’ve already managed to miss out on the opportunity to write a reflection from last week when we had the theme of “Good Work”. In essence it challenged us to reflect on how we can do good work in whatever we do. Are we tempted to be seen to “do the right thing” or can we truly say we “do what is right” even when nobody is looking. This defines if we are doing it because it is deeply good not solely to get us to look good!

I always challenge the students in our care to think about the person they are called to become. As Blessed John Henry Newman said in his prayer, “God has created me to do Him some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another.” I suppose the ultimate challenge in life is to find what this might be for each of us. Maybe it can take most or all of life to discover this. I believe when we find this it can bring deep happiness and fulfilment and as Christians we are invited to dedicate this work, and our lives, in some way to God. In this way this work can mean something and have a deeper purpose and through this can become part of our prayer and discipleship.

I feel truly blessed to have the privilege to work in education and be a Headteacher. I hope in some small way this work can be offered as a living witness and prayer each day – we all fail in this but are challenged to do good work for God. Never underestimate the power for good and change that you can make to people’s lives each day.

The theme for this week is “Bear Fruit”… perhaps particularly poignant as we anticipate and embark on the busy exam season.


Jesus said “I am the vine and you are the branches”… what does this tell us today? I think it is a powerful image for us. The vine provides the nourishment and source of life and the fruit and grapes provide the harvest and outcomes. Equally we can think of how the grapes grow through being tended to lovingly by the farmer who cares for the vines.

Hopefully we can look to remember that the source of our nourishment can be rooted in faith. Working in education we have a real chance to do something with a real meaning. As we dedicate ourselves this term to preparing our students for exams, from SATS to A levels, let’s remember to keep a sense of a deeper purpose. We are called to find opportunities to make the most of each person’s God-given talents. If we can achieve this it will go far beyond the paper in the results envelope this August. Let’s use this moral purpose as an inspiration for our work and lives.



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