Be Happy…


The theme of this week is “Be Happy”… it feels like we are all sold the Christmas dream of what will make us happy, coincidentally usually to do with buying something new or looking better in some way. But what will really make us happy this Christmas?

Is it personal attention and fame?

As the culmination of X Factor and Strictly come to an and maybe we would all be happy in the spotlight, enjoying our moment of instant fame… In the Gospel we continue to hear how John the Baptist, the cousin of Jesus, was challenging people to get ready and be prepared for the start of a new chapter – Jesus starting his public life and mission. We can hear how people immediately hoped that John was “The One”, it must have been tempting to accept this attention and acclaim but he did all he was called to do to support the life of Christ.

Is it a list of things we really want?

It is easy for us all to real off a list of things we really fancy this Christmas…

  • Some new clothes
  • A flash watch
  • Beautiful jewellery
  • And the list goes on…

My children would happily share their list on the fridge which seems to be ever changing!

Is it my real list?

  • Time to stop, breath and rest
  • Quality time with those I love most
  • A time to reconnect with faith by bringing God into the centre of my life

The fleeting moment and joy of getting something new and shiny is exciting but it is amazing, for children and adults alike, how quickly that moment fades.

I believe that to be truly happy we can value the things dearest to us that are precious. When we look at how truly blessed we are we can start to appreciate all we have and give thanks to God for all that is good in our lives.

Have a happy and peaceful Christmas – God Bless.




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