Have you seen the light or will you be the light?


Welcome back! I hope you have had a really happy, restful and peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year. For me the whole Christmas season ends up warping time in some way, like no other time of year. You end up really having to think about what day and date it is – maybe this is a sign that we get truly rested but I know that we also all benefit from the routines of “real life”.

The Christmas season is completed by the feast of the Epiphany – traditionally we mark the visit of the Three Kings or Magi. We hear how they followed the stars to mark the birth of the Messiah. The thing that strikes me in this account is their faith, belief and interest in learning. They were enlivened by seeing the light and trusting to follow it.

The word epiphany is also used now to recognise how we can have a change of heart or direction in our lives and so many of us make renewed commitments as we start 2016 with renewed vigour.

In a simple way I think we can do two positive things…

We can see the light – we too can be led by light and faith to take a new direction in our lives in a positive way. I

We can be the light – we have a chance to make life better for the people we encounter in some small way.

If we can do either of these things we can perhaps really take a gift from Christmas this year as we bring the Christmas spirit to life throughout 2016.

Have a great term ahead and I hope this year brings all you have hoped and dreamed of.




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