Transformation – a life of opportunity


One summer we got our children a “butterfly farm” delivered by the wonders of Amazon. This was inspired by a discussion we had on Austin’s butterfly… a story of feedback and learning that’s worth watching.

Anyway… the net arrived as did the caterpillars and we slowly saw the development and rebirth of the butterflies, fulfilling their beautiful potential before they were set free to the world. A great experience for our children teaching a few lessons – patience, responsibility, curiosity and faith.

In the Gospel account this week we hear of the Wedding at Cana which was Jesus’ first miracle when he transformed the water into wine. At the wedding reception the wine had run dry yet Jesus filled the jars until they were brimming with water and transformed them into wonderful wine and. This celebrates the joyous, unbounded love in married life and is itself a reflection of God’s love for us which is relentless.

A few key themes to consider…

  • We need to accept the challenge to be full of hopefulness and spot the potential for transformation in all we do in life, especially in education.
  • Let’s find the opportunities to celebrate loving relationships and ask for God’s blessing in guiding us to work at this in our lives.
  • Find opportunities to celebrate God’s love and care for us.

So let’s look to celebrate opportunities for transformation in our lives, in education and in our faith. If we can do this in 2016 imagine the opportunities that lie ahead.

Have a great week.



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