Are you a talent spotter?

449552_origThis is not a subtle opportunity to encourage you to launch yourselves into a life of reality TV auditions ever hopeful of your 15 minutes of fame but a short reflection on our Gospel theme of this week “Chosen”.

In the account we hear of the Transfiguration where Jesus is transformed in front of His three closest disciples. In essence He is revealed fully to them by God as they hear the voice saying “This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him!”. This is an important turing point where Jesus is shown fully as the Son of God even though the disciples still at times failed to fully understand…

I believe the concept of being chosen is at the heart of our humanity and faith. We all inwardly or outwardly want to be loved, appreciated and recognised in some way by those around us. This might be in our relationships, professionally or just in our day to day lives. We also can be called by God to do some “special service” or vocation unique to us. I feel that when we can discover this in our lives we can find a deep rooted fulfilment and I feel blessed that teaching and education has provided this for me.

Maybe this is where the challenge lies, especially for those of us in education. We need to be able to spot the talent and potential even in the most challenging or hopeless situations. Everyone can recognise the power of someone spotting you or believing in you to make a real difference and sometimes it takes small steps to make a deep rooted difference.

So here’s the challenge for this week… become talent spotters and find opportunities to recognise those who would benefit from a kind word or appreciation because like the judges on The Voice we need to push that buzzer so people can see it loud and clear that we have chosen them as we say “I want You!”




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