Where would you be?


It is sometimes easy to fall into the trap of thinking we’ve got it all worked out – we can make a quick judgement of a person, situation or just follow the crowd.

In the Gospel account we hear of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Throughout his life His disciples and followers had assumed he would be the Messiah that they had long awaited.

  • A King
  • A Warrior
  • A Political Leader

After three years preaching, teaching and healing in His public life it was time to fulfil His life and mission. As Jesus rode into Jerusalem this fulfilled the prophecy and His arrival was heralded by the crowds. He had been misread… a very different kind of Messiah.

We hear at the end of Holy Week how the same crowd call for Jesus’ rejection and crucifixion. It is important for us to see ourselves in this account perhaps in the euphoria of the welcoming crowd and the condemnation at the crucifixion. We may feel a little uncomfortable in recognising our humanity in this account.

A few questions to consider;

  • Can you look to see beyond making a simple judgement and see the true person?
  • Can you stand firm and not be drawn by the crowd?
  • Where would we be in the Easter story? The crowd, the disciples, the women, the criminals on the cross?

Maybe we can make one simple commitment this Easter… take the step to make your faith a meaningful part of your life. We can look to be an Easter people full of life and hope and bringing light to those we meet each day in any small way we can.

I hope the Easter journey this week goes well for you this year. Let’s give thanks for the  life and sacrifice of Christ.






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