An Easter people…


Welcome back to the Summer Term… I have a somewhat idealistic memory of what the summer term was like in the “good old days”. I remember it always being sunny, playing tennis after school and having less “to do”. In reality I doubt all, or perhaps any, of these memories truly existed for any prolonged time but I cannot deny they are happy thoughts.

We return to the start of term to complete the unfinished picture of Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection. We recognise the sacrifice of the crucifixion and at times can be heartened by God’s deep understanding of human suffering and death at our moments of greatest need but without the resurrection this is incomplete…


In the Gospel account this week we hear how Jesus greets his disciples as they return from fishing in the Sea of Galilee. We can see how we have come full circle, the first disciples Jesus chose being James and John the fishermen.

It was the third time that Jesus had appeared to them and they had returned to what they knew best, the adventure could have been over. Was this to be the end of the story to leave the disciples returning to the simple life of fishing?

As they returned to shore they could see Jesus in the twilight around a glowing fire. They waded in to land and shared the catch of fish and bread with Jesus. Jesus offers a sense of redemption to Peter who had denied him three times prior to the crucifixion, essentially having abandoned his faith and loyalty. Jesus asks him “Do you love me?” three times much to Peter’s frustration – by making this renewed commitment to Jesus he reaffirms his faith to Him. He goes on to be chosen as the first Pope and one of the founders of the Christian faith.

So what can we take from this message?


We need to live out this challenge to spread the Good News in our lives. I don’t believe that this is about doing this through grand gestures or just in the Easter season. We should look to live our lives in a way that draws people closer to God in some way. What could you do to make this a reality…

  • How can you look to be full of light, life and hope?
  • How can we overcome times when we feel that we have abandoned our faith and come back to God?
  • What can we learn from the disciples and their humanity?

So in this Easter season let’s give thanks for all that brings happiness, light and life to us. Have a great summer term full of sunshine in your life.




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