You know what you need to do…

One-Another-7.pngThis week provides a challenge to me in its beautifully simple Gospel message…  can I create a blog entry to match it?

People often are intrigued to find out what it means to lead a Catholic school and how to capture our ethos. How can we summarise the teaching of Jesus in a meaningful way for young people today?

Put simply I would say all of the New Testament message boils down to two words – LOVE and FORGIVENESS. It’s not going to be about what we say but just how we make people feel.

  • How can we learn to love in our lives even when this may be challenging?
  • How can we look to offer forgiveness, love and healing in our relationships?
  • How can we radiate love in some way, knowing that God is the source of love in our lives?

There are two steps….

  1. Love one another… – no complex rules or lists or expectations
  2. … as I have loved you – modelled by the love of Christ and demonstrated in a real, living way in our lives

So put simply… you know what to do… love one another.



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