Keeping your word…


“If anyone loves me he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we shall come to him and make our home with him” John 14:23

What does it mean to us to keep our word? In the modern world there seems to be very little that is a real promise or at times we don’t live in the “real world”.

  • Many people invest significant time on their persona in the “virtual world” if Facebook, Instagram where we can look to polish our image and create an alternative image.
  • We can get out of most promises with a little manoeuvring ranging from pre-nuptial agreements to early exits from our mobile phone contracts.

To build any real relationship we should look to make the commitment to keep our promises. It can lead us to build a something with a firm foundation.

We need to find something to live for that is greater than ourselves. Once we discover this we can have a life with a deeper sense of happiness and gratitude.

So a few questions to consider in the week ahead.

  • How can we live our lives in the real rather than virtual world?
  • What are the deep rooted promises that matter in our lives?
  • What message do your hear in the Gospel which you are called to stay true to?
  • How can you be drawn to a life of faith as a disciple today?

I believe that “the word” that Jesus refers to in the Gospel is in fact the word of God. The word Gospel means “good news” and we are challenged to stay and live true to this message as Christians today. So take the leap of faith and live a life of faith today.







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