Will you do the right thing?

ascension_by_eddiecalz-d678cy0.jpgMy favourite definition of integrity is “doing the right thing when nobody is looking”… and now more than ever we have an opportunity to think about what this means with a life of faith.

Jesus lived, breathed and died with His disciples but what had they learnt from walking alongside Him? He had taught them with the richness of parables to enlighten them of God’s message, they had seen Him the blind and cure the lame challenging the injustices in society.

We can take faith from this to inspire our faith in the world today. So what are the challenges this provides for us?

  • How can we take time to be disciples and discern the message of the life of Jesus?
  • What can we do to live out the Gospel message in the world we live in?
  • How can we support one another in living a life of faith?

We need to take a chance on marking the feast of the Ascension to give thanks for the life of Christ but also take the challenge to live a life of faith as disciples in the world today. We will need to walk side by side with one another to achieve this challenge and I give thanks for being part of a Christian community that gives us a chance to do this each day.

So will you do the right thing in your faith when nobody is watching?



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