Can you feel the force?


So we’ve finally come to the end of the Easter season… 50 days since we celebrated the empty tomb and Christ being risen following His crucifixion and death. It seems this time has raced by but also we’ve been on a journey…

  • A journey of disbelief as the disciples hear about the empty of tomb
  • A journey of fear as they hid in the locked room and Jesus appears amongst them.
  • A journey of comfort as they went back to their normal lives only for Jesus to appear them on the shores of Galilee.
  • A journey into the unknown as Jesus was ascended to Heaven.
  • A journey of faith as they were sent throughout the world to spread the Good News.

I feel like we may have walked with them in some way and it probably captures in a very natural way how our faith changes in the different experiences we face in life.

We hear in the Gospel account this week of the celebration of Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit. On one level perhaps the most difficult aspect of the Trinity to understand. Perhaps we are not called to understand but to simply feel it.

We have a very basic reaction to wind which causes some sense of excitement and energy. You can’t fail to smile when you see people being blow around the force of nature…

The image of wind and fire used to represent the Holy Spirit is a powerful one. At times perhaps both are uncontrollable and have a very direct effect on us.

We can feel the warmth, light and hope of the Easter fire but also know how the wind can drive and lead us in a direction, even at times opposite to the original direction we were heading in.

Perhaps this is the key – the disciples needed to be inspired by the fire of faith to be brave in their hearts to trust God and go and spread the faith they stood for. They also needed to be guided and inspired by God, led by the wind of the Spirit, in the right direction in their lives.

So a few questions for the week ahead…

  • What can you do to seek out the fire, warmth and energy of a renewed faith?
  • How can you feel the cool breeze or guiding force of the wind to help lead you in your life in some way?
  • What will you do to trust in the Holy Spirit to guide you in life?

If we can all take this leap of faith we can truly be disciples in the world today. May the force be with you!



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