Three for one…


Are you one of those shoppers who is eager to spot a bargain? Keen to stock up on special offers… well this week we have a chance to get 3 in 1…

At times we can struggle to understand what God is really like and perhaps spot the influence faith can have in our lives. This week the theme we have is trinity so perhaps this can uncover some of the mystery of God and prompt us to think about how we can see God’s influence around us.

So what can it tell us?

God the Father – God as creator. At times Christians can be stereotyped into adopting a literal interpretation of the Bible and therefore creation being completed in 7 days. Most Catholics would see the creation accounts as a beautiful narrative on how God has shaped and inspired the world around us. Creation is not a single moment but through the wonders of science and evolution still continues around us today. Have a look at William Paley’s analogy of the watchmaker. This led to me asking for a watch with an open back for a significant birthday and I still love seeing the intricacy of the design and function. It does also always inspire me to think of the wonders of creation.


God the Son – God made human. This is the person of Jesus or incarnation. We know that Jesus existed and walked amongst us and as Christians we believe that this was God’s presence in the world. He was a great teacher as the message He taught still lives today – I am not sure that many of any of my lessons as a teacher will be discussed and relevant 2000 years after I have taught them! He also performed miracles of nature and healing. Does this mean He was a magician of some kind? In fact when looking at it I believe the miracles all reveal a clear message to us and a deeper understanding of faith and God. They were for a purpose – to heal an injustice, challenge prejudice or in fact give people a visible understanding of the power of God’s love. This was most purely expressed by His suffering, death and resurrection.


God the Holy Spirit – the power of God in the world. I am sure there are one or two of you who know the Star Wars films well, I believe the Holy Spirit is a challenge for us to “feel the force” of God in the world today. Sometimes life can overwhelm us or we can feel lost in some way. If we are called to be disciples today then we need to be able to discern how faith can inspire and lead us. At times we need to feel the warmth of the fire, the cooling breeze of the wind or the peace of the dove. The apostles needed to be enlivened, challenged and inspired by the gift of the Spirit, even having lived alongside Jesus, and so do we in the world today.


A few questions for reflection…

  • How can we be alive to the creative presence of God in the world today?
  • Looking at the person of Christ how can we listen to His call for us as disciples?
  • How can we “cut out the noise” in our lives and “feel the force” of the Holy Spirit?

I thought I would write a relatively short reflection today and in fact feel blessed by the chance to stop, think and reflect on the wonders of the Trinity – without doubt a great 3 in 1 offer!



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