A faith in healing…


In the readings this week we hear three different, yet similar, accounts of healing.

  1. Elijah heals the dead child of the widow – she recognises him as a man of God.
  2. Paul tells of his transformation and conversion to a Christian life of faith – he recognised he had been chosen to do God’s work.
  3. Jesus heals the dead man, the only son of the widow – they were filled with “awe” and saw that a great prophet was among them – “God has visited his people”.

There is a symmetry in these accounts and a common meaning in some way. There is a recognition that God has the power to transform in even the darkest and most challenging times. Through faith and trust in God we can find life, light and hope.


I am naturally drawn when thinking about healing to my experiences of pilgrimage to Lourdes. From the age of 17 I have been blessed by the opportunity to have been on the pilgrimage probably 10 or more times with our diocese. You too could still go at the end of July this year! I didn’t go expecting physical transformation and miracles but each year would see real visible changes in people’s lives – young, old, helpers, the sick or those facing the challenges of disability.

What I learnt from this is that the same transformation we hear about in the readings this week can be experienced through the love, care and compassion on this journey of faith. The miraculous changes were about prompting those involved to live life to the full and allow a time and space for faith. A time and space in our lives for God to do His work.

So a few questions for the week ahead…

  • How can you be full of life, faith and hope?
  • What situations in our lives, at home or at school, need healing?
  • What can we do to find space for God in our everyday lives to allow transformation and change?

I think if we simply trust in God we too can find the healing grace for our lives to be fuller in some way. Let’s pray that we can all find this sense of peace and faith in the weeks ahead.




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