Knowing who you really are…


In the theme of this week in school we hear about the Gospel reading where Jesus asks his disciples “Who do people say I am?” – this may be an interesting question for us to ask occasionally in our personal and professional lives.

What it challenges us to think about is our identity and how people see us. Ultimately maybe it isn’t worth too much time worrying about what anyone else thinks of us but we should invest time in working out who we really are.

This week we are in the midst of the referendum discussions – should the UK stay in the European Union? There has been plenty of passionate debate about how to make the right choice. The most worrying aspect for me is instilling fear and division amongst us. I am ashamed to be living in a modern democracy where a young MP has been murdered on the street last week due to political extremism.


I feel heartbroken for her young family that have been robbed of a loving mother and wife and our democracy poorer without the passion and integrity she showed as a leader and MP. Her husband today said today that she was not perfect but would “meet the world with love”. – donate if you can to help leave a legacy for the sacrifice of her life.

As Christians we are challenged to do this in some way in our lives. Desmond Tutu said “whoever says that religion and politics don’t mix mustn’t be reading the same Bible as me.” Let us take the opportunity to vote that will bring life, love and hope in our communities.


So a few thoughts for the week ahead…

  • How can we get to discover our true selves?
  • How can we reveal this fully in our personal and professional lives?
  • How can be a force for good, God and love?

So give thanks for the life of Jo Cox and look to meet the world with love each and every day.


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