Would you follow?


In this week’s Gospel we hear the account of Jesus calling followers – all of whom had one more thing to do before they managed to trust in God’s call for them. He makes it clear there is “no time to waste” once we hear God’s call and plan for us.

This week we celebrate the Feast of  St Peter and St Paul on Wednesday. The two giants of the Christian Faith – Peter who Jesus chose as “the rock” on which to build the Church. Paul the evangelist who travelled relentlessly planting the seed of faith and challenging a response from every community he stopped in.  Paul’s dramatic conversion is a great example of transformation – in his case God wasn’t taking no for an answer!

We have recently celebrated St Paul’s day in school with over £4300 raised for the charities we support and a great opportunity to build our sense of community and belonging.


It is this uplifting and inspiring experience that can give us a few thoughts for the week ahead. As a country we have just gone through the referendum and the outcome has shocked and divided many people – we have an enormous power for good in the world and we should listen out for opportunities to respond to this in a meaningful way.

A few questions to consider…

  • How can we ensure we look to listen out for God’s call for us and respond when we hear it?
  • How can we look to help young people to take their place in an ever-changing world?
  • How can we bring unity to a country that feels divided and fractured by our political landscape?
  • How can we bring the sense of belonging, joy and unity to all we do each day not just when we are celebrating something special?

So in the week ahead let us reach out and be a force for good in the world in some small way. We can offer the love, healing and passion inspired by God to do His work… maybe this is the irresistible call being whispered to us by Christ today.

So will you listen to the call to “follow me”.




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