Time to rest…


So we’ve nearly made it… the end of a school year in which we charge forwards full of energy and vibrancy. In school life we hurtle along at 100 miles an hour filling each and every minute in a meaningful way.

For 39 weeks out of the year we thrive on the cycle and vitality of each day and opportunity. We sometimes need to just accept an opportunity to stop and refresh.


I found in writing this the “Ostrich Pillow” where it looks like you can detach and sleep anywhere – apparently ranging from your office desk, bus, plane or train! Apart for looking faintly ridiculous there is one sadness to me. It looks like you literally are burying your head in the sand to detach from real life around you…

In the Gospel account this week we hear how Jesus visits the house of two sisters, Martha and Mary. Mary sits at his feet and listens whilst Martha charges around as the welcomer, however secretly resenting her sister. Jesus challenges her to understand that the ability to stop and listen is intrinsically valuable too.


So let’s do this for a moment…. can you just stop for 3 minutes and 31 seconds. Try and clear your mind and just look for a sense of peace and a chance to listen to Jesus’s call to us.

In the mystery of faith we can sometimes find that we discover God in the gaps in our lives and the peace of silence or reflection.

I am grateful for my active, inspiring and engaging life but let us all take a moment to stop and be at peace. Thanks to all of you that have made this year successful, inspiring and exhausting too.

Have a great summer when we get there… ready and inspired for the start of our school year where there is always a new dawn ahead.



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