The power of gratitude…


What makes us truly happy? In this clip you can see how beneficial it is to stop and give thanks for all that is good and this in itself actually makes us happier if  we tell someone the difference they have made in our lives.

Following the original message there was a challenge to respond and share experiences of what people did to stop and say thank you. What would response or film be?

In the Gospel account this week we hear the account of the Ten Lepers who were healed by Jesus with only one of them returning to thank Him and praise God for being cured. Jesus said “your faith has saved you.” The one man who returned was not the person expected but in fact a Samaritan, the despised enemy of the Jews. It teaches us the power of trusting in God but also looking to give thanks for all that we have in our lives, and perhaps recognising God in this.

So a few thoughts and challenges for the week ahead…

  • Do we sometimes forget to stop and show gratitude to others who have made our lives better?
  • At times can we forget to recognise God’s presence and influence in making us who we are or solving challenges we face?
  • Are we ready to accept the challenge to write down how we really feel and make that call…?

In essence if we live our lives trying to think a little of others or aiming to recognise how blessed we are or how people have helped support us then put simply we will be happier.

It sounds so simple then surely it is worth a try…

God bless.



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