Will you take a leap of faith?


In one of the Gospel readings this week we hear about the value of trust, it also teaches us that we need to get our priorities right by putting God at the centre of our lives… at times the trust thing can be challenging for us to do and it doesn’t always go to plan!

I think it is worth keeping the message really simple this week. We need to take a leap of faith in our lives. If we have trust in a relationship anything is possible and things just work – without it everything takes longer and sometimes turns out to be impossible.

In contrast we sometimes need someone to scoop us up…

What an inspiring example of brotherly love and doing something instinctively good. As an athlete there must have been that temptation to grasp the opportunity to win the race or even in a small way to beat your brother but Alistair in that split second acted in the most loving way. I love my brother, (please don’t tell him as it may not be tough, manly or British!), and I know he has scooped me up and supported me unconditionally. As my best friend I know he would carry me over the line.

Ultimately we need to develop a deep-rooted faith in God and know that in our time of need we will be loved, supported and scooped up too. Sometimes it is when we go through adversity that we can feel that looking back we actually fell deep into God’s arms and not flat on our face.

A few questions to consider;

  • How can we be people of light, life and hope?
  • How can we invest the time in loving relationship built on trust?
  • What should we do to repair the trust when things go wrong?
  • How can we ultimately trust God’s plan for us?

I pray that this week we can all take a leap of faith and really fly with God by our sides…

God bless.



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