How will your faith grow?

mustard-seed.jpgAt times in life it may seem like it is straightforward to have faith. We can at times feel like things are going “according to plan”, the sun is shining on us.

axwell-ingrosso-sun-is-shining-music-video.pngPerhaps we can find it easy to feel the warmth of faith at this time and a definite feeling that God is looking out for us. I find that I cannot fail to be inspired by being with young people and leading a school community, it is truly a blessing and life-giving in every way.

stormy-waters.jpgAt other times perhaps we feel a bit overwhelmed by the clouds or stormy waters… sometimes life may not make much sense. As a school community we can feel this when we are touched by tragedy, especially when a student has died too young or families have suffered and faced the toughest times in any way.

1463661504__-183197022.jpgWe are challenged by the Gospel reading this week to use the smallest seed of faith to bring great hope and life. Jesus challenges us to have faith and listen to God’s call for each and every one of us.

A few questions for us for the week ahead.

  • What can we do to help faith flourish and get deep roots in the good times?
  • How can we find light and hope when we feel overwhelmed by the storm?

I believe we are being called to be inspired to actively be witnesses to God’s presence in the world. This is what it means to have a living faith that will spread and grow to be something truly great.


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