A call to Holiness…


This week in the Catholic church we celebrate the Feast of All Saints and All Souls. Perhaps it may at times be overshadowed by the Halloween experience and all that it has come to mean.

In its most innocent sense Halloween seems a great opportunity for young people to get free and extended access to sweets and treats as well as getting out and about in the local community. On the other end of the spectrum you can see that it draws a fascination with “darkness” and can actually be destructive and breed fear around us in some way.

In its original meaning it was the celebration in preparation for the Feast today – preparing to welcome the light and hope in celebrating the lives of the Saints. I heard a fantastic story today of a boy who went out last night with a wheelbarrow and filled it “trick or treating” with food for the local food bank. What a great way to take something that could have been negative or centred on your own gain and offer it as an opportunity to help others.

Maybe this put simply is what it means to be Holy or a Saint – “doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way.” Sometimes we think there is no way we can live as Saints but I think if we open our eyes we can see many walking amongst us. If we can simply challenge ourselves to bring some light into the world then surely we can be Saints too.

A few questions for the week ahead;

  • How can we be inspired by Saints, in the past and amongst us, to be drawn to God?
  • How can we look to take small steps to show our love and care for others around us?
  • How can we be challenged to bring faith, hope and love to a world that needs that everyday?

Remember the small steps that can make all the difference – ordinary things an an extraordinary way.

Have a happy and blessed All Saints Day and half term ahead.

God bless.




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