Advent – are you ready?


So we are here already – in the life of the Catholic church we have already just started a new year in the 3 year liturgical cycle. We are also being challenged to get ready and be prepared.

So what are we getting ready for?

We know it is coming towards Christmas when we see the latest Christmas advert that has become a great British tradition. It can start the feeling of hope, anticipation and preparing something special for all of us and our families, a special time for all of us.

In essence this is what the Gospel is challenging us to do too… we need to be prepared and get ready. This isn’t just for one big day of indulgence or sharing presents but actually for the coming of Jesus into the world.

We are challenged to embark on a journey to get ready to welcome Jesus into our lives in a new way. It is an opportunity to get our lives in order, to pray and put things in perspective.

This in the most basic way could be the best present this Christmas, the gift of faith could last far longer than our discarded gifts or full stomachs.

I hope and pray this advent we can be blessed by renewed faith and hope in our lives and light in the world around us.

God bless.


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