What are you called to B?


It feels like a return to my childhood and the joys of Sesame Street (if you want a 3 minute reminder click here!) when the letter for today is B

It seems that there are some troubling times in the world with uncertainty, division and mistrust. Maybe it is an ideal time to reconnect with the heart of Jesus’ teaching when we look at the Beattitudes which Jesus taught on the Sermon on the Mount. What are they all about?

A few thoughts…

  • Beatitudes – means the beautiful attitudes. They are teachings which challenge us to recognise how God can make us happy or blessed even in the most difficult times in our lives. They can also teach us how to how to live our lives or how to Be..
  • Be Blessed
  • Be Happy
  • Be Faithful
  • Be Fulfilled
  • Be Loving
  • Be Still

So maybe we have a chance to reconnect with God, even when we are troubled in our lives or lost in the turbulence of the world we live in at the moment. Faith for me still is about a thirst for justice, showing loving kindness and being at peace with ourselves, God and the world around us.

So a few questions as food for thought;

  • What can you do to “Be” this week or in the longer term in our lives?
  • How can we find the space to Be still and reconnect with God?
  • How can we fall into God’s loving arms when things get tough?

Lastly can I ask you to say a prayer for a friend of mine Deborah, who is a great teacher and school leader + supermum, who has been diagnosed with bowel cancer just prior to Christmas. She has always been so full of vitality and energy and I am sure her determination will keep her strong. You can follow her blog and support her https://bowelbabe.wordpress.com.

Keep the faith.

God bless.





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