How can we be more loving?


A challenge in life for all of us is to think about we can be more loving in our thoughts and actions. It is so easy for all of us to get frustrated or intolerant of others when things don’t go our way. The challenge for us all in a Christian community is simply to just “love one another”.

The model for this is Jesus himself who was the physical manifestation of God’s love for us, perhaps most ably demonstrated in His sacrifice for us. In the Gospel reading at Church this week we heard it is not just about doing the wrong thing but actually about the negative thoughts or temptations we face. Of course these temptations to do wrong, or act solely in our self interest, are natural and normal but we have a choice to make about how we respond to them. Jesus challenges us to cut anything out of our lives that leads us in the wrong direction – good advice indeed as we aim to refocus on what matters most to act with loving kindness in all we do.

So on this Valentine’s day don’t be too distracted by the love hearts and helium balloons, even if there is time for a little romance, but let’s all make a commitment to simply live our lives guided by God’s unconditional love for us. It is a love that knows us simply for who we truly are and there is something wonderful about this alone.

A few questions for this week;

  • How can we act with loving kindness in all we do even if love sometimes means making difficult decisions?
  • What areas of your life would you cut out to be happier and more loving?
  • What can you do to show patience, love and understanding to each other?
  • How can you stop for a moment to appreciate God’s unconditional love for all us?

Remember all we need to do is just love one another…

God bless.



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