Temptation and love of others…


The theme of this week for us in school is temptation…. it builds on the Gospel of Jesus in the desert and wilderness. We of course are all tempted to live in the moment or act in a way that is in our self-interest and feed our “basic instinct” in some way.

Do we hold back and appreciate what we really have? The clip below may put you off your favourite Italian dish for a while…

Ultimately we, as humans, have the ability to make decisions informed by our conscience. We can aspire to look to act in a less selfish way. For me sin is really a distance from God or making a choice that is selfish rather than selfless.

This Lent we can challenge ourselves to “go into the desert” and look to reconnect with our faith. We can take the journey back to God by taking the time to think about how we can feed and nurture our faith.

We are called to do three things;

  • Find time for prayer
  • Look to focus on almsgiving where we commit to charity and care of others
  • Being able to “fast” and deny our own needs to care for others

Tomorrow is CAFOD Fast Day so let us pray for a world of justice, hope and solidarity with those in need. Let’s keep the faith…

God Bless.


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