Are you listening carefully?

listen.jpgSometimes we fill our lives with noise, conversation and action. I enjoy the vibrancy of a “bit of chat” and like being part of a school community and a big family which always have plenty going on.

When I was growing up I had to learn to be “comfortable” in my own company. When my wife or children were away I’d fill the time with socialising and spending time being fed by and catching up with friends. I now have learnt to cherish the opportunity to just simply stop and “be”…

In the Gospel reading this week we hear about the account of the Transfiguration where Jesus is revealed to a few of His disciples as they prayed on the mountain top with Him. They suddenly saw Jesus in a new light… transformed in some way. They heard the voice of God saying, “This is my Son, listen to Him!”.

Was Jesus changing how He looked or appeared to them or in essence was it rooted in their ability “to see” His true identity and listen to God’s voice speak to them in a meaningful way?

Maybe in Lent this is where the challenge lies for us. Can we find the time to stop and really listen to the “still small voice of calm” that can help us hear God’s call and plan to us? Sometimes we need to declutter our lives enough from the noise around us to be able to really hear in a deeper and truer way.

A few thoughts for the week ahead.

  • Can you find a short moment each day to find a sense of peace and tranquility?
  • Could this become a habit to give you time to think and pray in some way?
  • How can we hear God’s call to us and respond in some way?

So I give thanks for the opportunity to listen attentively and I promise to look to practice it in my relationships and to try to be more prayerful in what I do each day.

A special prayer of gratitude for the gifts and talents of our wonderful students and staff as we celebrate our school production of Billy Elliot. I am sure it will be fantastic and I will enjoy the privilege of being there each night. I know you will do us all proud!

God bless.




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