No time for doubting!


We have just celebrated the London Marathon at the weekend and for those of you looking forward to more sporting heroics with many staff teams at school preparing for the elite Hedgehogtri team triathlon this weekend… I am sure we will see some great performances.

The stand out story of the London Marathon was the story of two strangers who were fated to steal the show. Matthew Rees, ironically who was disappointed with his time (sub 3 hours!), stopped to help a fellow runner David Wyeth. You can see his complete exhaustion and disorientation. Even though he was so close to the finish he had no clue how he would make it without the selfies support of a fellow competitor.

They now look like friends for life!

Perhaps this heartwarming story has a link to the Gospel account of this week… we are in the midst of celebrating the Easter season, a joyous celebration of 50 days celebrating Jesus’ resurrection and appearances to His followers.

In this Gospel account we hear of the disciples locked away in a room fearful of those around them without Jesus  being there to lead them. Jesus appears amongst them and proclaims “peace be with you”. One of the disciples, Thomas, had gone out and missed this moment of revelation! I am sure we could all relate to feeling like we had popped out at the one moment when something really interesting happened. Thomas goes on to say that he wouldn’t believe unless Jesus stood amongst them once again. 8 days later this was to happen and Jesus said, “Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe” – this is a message directly to us! Maybe Thomas represents the frailties of our faith at times of challenge or disbelief. In essence he may have had a bad press as he is asking the questions that all of us would ask – we would want proof.

Our proof of Jesus’ resurrection lies in our faith and belief in God’s power to transform even the most desolate and hopeless situation, in Jesus’ crucifixion, to the most inspiring triumph, in His resurrection.

As Christian’s we must be full of “light, life and hope” and especially in education and schools. This term is very full with revision, exams and times of change and transition. We need to deal in hope and good news and never doubt the blessings that God will give us all to be able to achieve great things together.

So whether it is running a marathon, completing a triathlon or just simply putting our arm around someone else to get them across the line let’s remember that we need to show faith and see Jesus walking amongst us.

Have a great term and week ahead.

God bless.


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