Stay awake!


Mark 13:33-37

We’re here once again – having avoided Christmas songs on the radio which seem to have been played for the last month (at least!) it is now time to throw ourselves into Advent and get ready. It is perhaps a well timed theme as at time at this time of year we are tired and busy, yet we are challenged to step back and put our lives in order. This in a very basic way is a chance to make peace with one another and with God.

We are challenged to get ready and prepare to meet Jesus in a new way, to be able to build the Kingdom of God in all we do. It is perhaps easy to think about how we get ready and prepare for Christmas and relive the nativity scenes we are so familiar with. It may be more challenging to think about how we get ourselves to be ready for when Jesus comes again or when we meet God face to face. Is our life in order for this ultimate moment?

In essence we need to be ready, to live our lives in the right way and keep a clear focus. This has a real resonance with us working in school. It is true to say that it would be challenging to doze off in the fast paced life of school but we need to really keep sharp. We can’t drop things for a moment without it having a real effect on our students, colleagues or even the basic foundations of what makes our school happy and safe. Whether it’s striving for happiness, teaching to our best or safeguarding all in our community, we know that if we lose focus then things start to go wrong.

So in the week ahead, and final weeks of this term, let us all stay sharp, stay focussed and stay awake to do our best in each of our roles at St Paul’s and ultimately build God’s Kingdom in small steps each day.

Reflections on staying awake:

  • When am I at my most drowsy / most easily distracted / most vulnerable to slipping up?
  • How do I guard against falling asleep at the wrong time / getting distracted / going the wrong way?
  • What might be about to happen in my life and how am I going to prepare for it?
  • How can I be prepared to be ready for Jesus to come into my life this Christmas and beyond?

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