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The real deal?


Mark 1:21-28

Last week we celebrated the feast to mark the conversion of St Paul, a great message to tell us that we that it is never too late to look for or offer others a fresh start and new beginning. A chance to see life with a new pair of eyes.

We hear in the Gospel account this week how Jesus healed a man who was possessed in the synagogue. What we may have forgotten in this account is this that they had been amazed prior to this miracle being performed. They had been amazed by the teaching of Jesus as he taught with authority. He demanded their attention and respect, not because they were forced to, but because of what He taught and said.

Jesus had authority because He lived in an authentic and real way, He was “the real deal”, God living amongst us on earth. We could finally hear the Word of God… we can only look to earn the authority we have been given by being authentic, true to ourselves and true to God’s plan for us.

This provides plenty of food for thought for us this week:

  • How do I respond to authority?
  • Where do I find authentic authority in my life?
  • For those of us in a position of authority: How authentic am I as a leader?
  • For all of us: How good am I at being true to myself?
  • How well do I live out an authentic Christian life?

So let us take the opportunity this week to seek out truth and “be real” in the way we live our lives as teachers and leaders. Young people are happiest when they are authentic and true to themselves. Equally we are most respected when we can be authentic in how we live and teach ourselves.

Have a good week ahead.

God bless,



An advent message

We have finally made it to the end of term… please find below our advent message from St Paul’s.

Have a happy, peaceful and prayerful Christmas.

God bless.