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An advent message

We have finally made it to the end of term… please find below our advent message from St Paul’s.

Have a happy, peaceful and prayerful Christmas.

God bless.


Watching this for me and seeing the images over the weekend prompts me to think we may well have lost the plot… how can we see this as normal or an acceptable image of humanity? I hope we can go on a journey taking us far away from this low point.

We are called to go on a deeper journey… so what can it be like this year? What do I have a longing for this Advent?

Spiritual Journey

  1. An opportunity to engage with what matters most in our lives – we can find time to put our lives back in order. We can invest time with family, friends and faith.
  2. A chance to look for ways to reach out to those in the world around us – we are working this year with two charities supporting those who are homeless in Brighton – http://www.offthefence.org.uk and http://www.stannesdaycentre.org.uk. We are encouraging families to commit to supporting our “Giving Tree” and look forward to sharing this with the charities locally.
  3. A way for us to take time to think of how we can bring Christ into our lives – we are not just challenged to remember the story of Christmas but to look to reengage with our faith and find ways to bring light and hope to those around us.

I hope this Advent brings us all closer to those we love most and to a deeper relationship with God – if we can do this we will be a living witness to Christmas once again.