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On the road together

the-emmaus-road-a-chiasm-in-luke.jpgIn this week’s Gospel account we hear about the followers of Jesus meeting a stranger on the road to Emmaus. They were heading downhearted from Jerusalem having seen Jesus crucified and defeated, on one level they were walking away from their faith, hopes and dreams for the future. On the journey they were joined by a mysterious stranger walking alongside them who made their hearts “burn”. In the breaking of bread at the meal they finally recognised Christ amongst them.


I think this is a great Gospel account in this time of Easter and resurrection. It makes me think of how we can sometimes walk through life blind to the fact that Jesus has walked alongside us. At other times maybe we need to be open to the fact that we can find God with us in those who walk alongside us in life’s journey.

A few thoughts for the week ahead…

  • How can we be full of faith even when the situation may be hopeless?
  • Where can we find Jesus alongside us day to day?
  • How can we encounter God in those we meet day to day and at times be God’s presence to others?

I hope this week that we can all find a small way to encounter God on the journey ahead of us. With hope and faith we too can be people of resurrection and light.