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Living more simply…


Sometimes in life we can make life tougher for ourselves… we rush things, cram in too much to every day and also fail to live in the present. It is easy to recognise these things when we take a step back and take the “long view” but perhaps more challenging in the here and now.

We also fill our lives with possessions and things we believe we can’t do without. My ten year old daughter once asked me to name the worst week of her life… I was suddenly worried that she had faced some unknown trauma or difficultly that I had missed and that I had failed her in some way as her Dad. I was relieved when she revealed to me the worst week of her life was when we went on holiday to France and she had no internet access! But also there was a sense of sadness that she felt that she couldn’t cope without the joys of YouTube or going online.

I joined in with a Year 7 class discussion on surviving the internet and social media detox they had just had for 24 hours. I was shocked by how isolated they felt by this but there is something we can learn from it.

I think our deepest satisfactions come from the simplest things – time with people we love, time to rest, times when we learn or are inspired. So I hope this week we can find some opportunity to do this.

A few thoughts;

  • What can we do to declutter our lives?
  • How can we find the time for the things that matter most in our lives?
  • How by having less possessions or “disconnecting” in some way can we be happier?

So to model this we can pray simply… I will share a prayer written by a Year 9 this week after I challenged him to think about how to be a positive part of our community…

Dear God,

Please bless this school with your greatness as St Paul’s is a great school that loves you.

Please bless everyone and everything that they do everyday.

Please help students make good choices as they go throughout their everyday lives.

Thank you. AMEN

God bless.