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How will you let your talent shine?



In the Gospel account this week we hear The Parable of the Talents… it tells of the servants who are given various allocations  of talents, a unit of currency at the time of Jesus, and challenged to “make the most of them”. Two of them went on to double their return whilst the final one simply buried his in the ground and handed it back. The first two were rewarded for their response whilst the final way who simply hid his away was chastised for wasting it.

What does this tell us?

  • At times we can be jealous of people who seem to have so much more than us… more money, a bigger house, a nicer car or maybe greater looks, popularity or prowess as a sportsperson or academic genius. It can feel like it’s easy for them or unfair in some way.
  • We are challenged in this parable to remember that God gives us all gifts and talents in special ways. The idea is not for us to store them up for the next series of BGT or X factor but to look to use them every day to do good, to do God’s work in some way.
  • We are called to make the most of what we’ve been blessed with and ultimately in education to help unearth the talents of all those around us. This is simply the most inspiring part of what we can do in school.

So in the week ahead let your talent shine and take the joy of helping build up others rather than comparing ourselves to one another. Maybe the challenge in education is to uncover each person’s gifts and talents and give them the confidence to shine out. If we can do this we can start to discover why God gave us the gifts we have and the real impact, with His blessing we can have.

I hope you have a really good week ahead.



God bless.


The greatest gift this Christmas…

What is on your Christmas list this year? We all can fall into the trap that we start to think what is missing from our lives…

Is it that special new outfit? Is it a sparkling diamond or the latest technology?

As a parent it is a challenge to think about how we can push our children to recognise the “joy of giving” or being grateful for the basic things they have in their lives that we may take for granted – food each day on our plate, a roof over our heads or the privilege of an education. The pure joy of the boys in this clip receiving their shoeboxes puts this in perspective.

Let me tell me about my friend Joe. I remember talking to him years ago about the plans for his life. He felt he was not heading for a career or a life that would be fulfilling and needed to do something different. God works in mysterious ways…

That same week, when we were together in Lourdes on pilgrimage, he was offered the opportunity to go to Uganda to visit an orphanage and evaluate the work they were doing. Since that moment he has never looked back, or even returned home, and he has established a wonderful charity that I am privileged to support as a Trustee called Uganda Hands for Hope. This small charity does inspiring work by supporting opportunities for children in Kampala to get an education, feeding them twice each day and supporting their families to build a better future through setting up small businesses.

So what is the greatest gift this Christmas that you could give or receive?  I believe it is the gift of life, hope and a better future.

So what’s it worth?

Well £20 a month or $25. What could you buy with this money for Christmas?

  • A pint for you and four friends in the pub.
  • A candle.
  • A pair of gloves.
  • A new T shirt .

As you can see it doesn’t go far… but you could make a real difference. You can sponsor a child this Christmas and change their lives for the better in a very real way. We are hoping to welcome a new nursery class in January but need to find new sponsors to offer this opportunity to children in the community.

So when we look for Christ today and someone bringing light to the world around them I will be thinking of Uganda this Christmas. If you want to you too can volunteer to support the projects.

So this advent put simply – Joe I salute you!